To make this world a better place

  • Through Jhalki, we intend to help viewers pick up life skills inherent in the film and develop courage and self-belief, problem-solving mindset and the resistance to not get deterred by snags, on the way to their cherished goals.
  • We aim to help them attain a laser-beam focus to achieve their results. While these processes happen, we also drive to inculcate the ability to relate abstract concepts / folk stories / metaphors with real life.
  • To sensitize viewers to the various social pollutants that are affecting our social ecosystem.
  • And last, but the most important mission is to harbour the genesis of compassion and care for fellow beings.

Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation Reach Out

KSCF reach 1
KSCF reach 3
Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation
100 MILLION REACH-OUT PLAN (PHASE 1: 10 million in 2 years)
For JHALKI, it is imperative that it is screened for sensitizing people at the grassroots level in the far-flung areas. Along with the children, their parents, other village community members, teachers, policy makers, chief ministers, judiciary, bureaucrats, members of parliaments and legislative assemblies, law enforcement agencies, national and state commissions for protection of child rights will also be invited for these screenings. The major vehicle for screening this film will be through Mukti Caravan and Picture Time, tapping upon the network of Ekal Vidyalaya, Kendriya Vidyalaya and other chains of government aided schools across the country. The screenings will be hosted by CII and co-hosted by KSCF.
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Schools engaged

Collaboration with Federation of Film Societies of India, Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Delhi Directorate of Education, Rajasthan Police


  • Creating a fundraising campaign proposal for awareness generation through Jhalki, reaching to 1 crore viewers. Screenings have already started in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand in Phase 01.
  • Reach-out to the Labour Ministry, Education Ministry, Woman and Child Development Ministry for them to further propagate the film
  • Special screening for 141 MPs who have signed the pledge against child labour, followed by 1-hour Panel Discussion has been initiated
  • Screening of Jhalki in 300 Bal Mitra Gram villages with Picture Time, with an approx. audience of 600 per village
  • Co-Partner in Jhalki Changemaker Award to be held in October, 2020

NGO reach out



Since JHALKI aims at spreading awareness regarding the noble cause of FREE CHILDHOOD, it has managed to harbour immense support from a few big NGO’s who are promoting, publicizing and reaching the film to their respective work areas and donor base by running campaigns, fundraisers & screenings.

NGO Partners: Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation, Cry, Light of Life Trust, Udaan, Save The Children, Angel Xpress, Aangan, Salaam Baalak Trust, Prayas and Akshara Foundation

Volunteer, Donate and Support our Partners


  •  With CSR collaborations the following have screened the film in theatres –Angel Xpress, Light Of Life, Aangan, Akshara Foundation and Jeevan Jyot in MUMBAI. Aashray Care, Jan Kala Sahitya Manch Sanstha, Apna Ghar, Naya Sawera, Government Observation and Kishor Grah in JAIPUR, Maddhyam in KOLKATA, booked theatres in bulk for their students.
  • Screening the film in their respective schools and work areas –Save the Children is organizing screenings for 1 Lakh students in schools in Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune, Nasik), Rajasthan (7-8 Districts) & MP( Vidisha, Bhopal, Dhar) and across 80 branches of Kasturbha Gandhi Vidhyalaya and 750 schools (1.2 Lakh students) in Banswada, Rajasthan.
  • Active social media postings, mailers and messages to their donor base have been done around the release week.

International reach out

International Impact Movements In Progress

  • Effective Associations and advocacy groups as partners Htaag/ Polaris Project / Global Centurion Foundation / International Justice Mission / Love 146 / NASHI / Ricky Martin Foundation / Not for sale / Massachusetts Coalition to End Human Trafficking / Catholic Relief service / Anti-Slavery International / 3strandsglobal / Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore’s THORN organisation / Amnesty International / Laurene Powell Jobs (Concordia Studios / Emerson Collective).

  • Mobilising Policy makers in United States and Europe Garnering support from Government officials like State Reps and Senators, starting by from Massachusetts State.

  • Non-profit organizations globally Save the children / World Vision  / World Hope International  / Shared Hope / Stop the Traffik / Arizona League to End Regional Trafficking  / 8th Day Center for Justice  / The Emancipation Network   / Aspen Institute  / salesforce.org / The code  / Anniecannons / Liberty Asia  / UNICEF (NGO).
  • Conferences & Institutes for Jhalki team to speak at Harvard Social Enterprise Conference / So Cap (Social Capital Market Conference) / South by Southwest / The fast company Innovation festival / Collaborative conference / The Social Impact Exchange 2019 conference / Social Innovation Summit / many academic institutions globally, starting from Cambridge College, Boston in September.
  • Association with Social Impact Media Partners in the US PVBLIC Foundation / Centre for media and social impact / SIMA / Impact Hub / Focus is on the US market, Europe (Iceland) and India as a starting point / TED-ED for collaboration partnership

  • Never before, has any film aimed to reach out to such important world platforms through Impact Advisors (also a credit seen for the first time ever) and encouraged panels, engagement, solutions and action collaborations for the larger purpose of tackling Child Trafficking & Child Labour.

School reach out

Since the most important stakeholders related to JHALKI are children across the globe, it is imperative that it is screened for sensitizing the maximum number of children across schools of all kinds.

The major vehicle for screening the film in schools across the country will be through RTI, Picture Time, Campus Varta, INOX & LXL. The screenings will be in the following modes:


  • Reaching 1 crore students across India
  • Jhalki Changemaker Award to be awarded by Shri Kailash Satyarthi to the Best Entries across 1000+ participating schools.
  • Initiated discussion with the Education Ministry for a circular of support for screening the film across all schools

Picture Time reach out

Picture Time 2


A unique collaboration with Picture Time to reach the film in various ways (ticketed & sponsored). These are van-mounted mobile theatres which takes 2.5 hours to be made fully functional, complete with air-conditioning, seating arrangements and world class high-definition digital projection and 5.1 Dolby surround sound for a high-quality Cinema experience to every corner of the country, especially rural areas.

Partners so far…

Impact journey continues…


  • Screenings in School Auditoriums
  • Theatre Bulk Bookings for students
  • Picture Time Mobile Digital Theatre Screenings
  • Changemaker Awards & Summit


  • Mukti Karavan Screenings
  • Campus Verta Screenings
  • NGO Screenings & Campaigns


  • International Distribution
  • International Impact Screenings
  • International Impact Platforms

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