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Brahmanand deals with a subject that is both sensitive and socially alarming.

A cinematic tribute to Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi.

A heart-warming tale of hope and courage.

Jhalki' tries to drive home an important message and has its heart in the right place …

It is not every day that you find a film backed by a Nobel laureate.

A sincere effort to highlight the horrors of child labour.

The film keeps spectators spellbound.

Winning hearts of the audience.

Jhalki is a laudable attempt that must be seen.

All must watch this movie and the screenplay work is awesome.

Jhalki’s earnestness and ability to spark a debate, is great humanitarianism on screen.

Brahmanand makes a humanitarian plea for hope, childhood & calls for innocence

#IamwithJhalki in the battle against child labour.

A heartwarmingly emotional as well as a feel good film, which you should not give a miss.

बाल मजदूरी की व्यथा की मर्मिक ‘झलकी’, दर्शकों ने फिल्म को सराहा

Jhalki has the fearlessness of the truly innocent, plus the resourcefulness of an intelligent mind. Jhalki, in her own way, is a superhero without a cape.

The film is so human and it's so simple … I didn’t even realize when and how often I cried in the film … it’s so powerful

For anyone of us who has ever cared for the future of our children Jhalki is a heart-warming at times heart-stopping saga about the loss of innocence and a flash of hope.

What a beautiful film … it’s very rare that you get to watch such mindful content.

The Best Gift this Children’s Day - Go and Watch Jhalki it will win Your Heart !!!

I wish it could be shown to many more children perhaps to every school and make it compulsory for every school kid to see it. Perhaps to every organization, women's organization, all the Rotary Clubs, all the Lions Club …

It will open your eyes and open your heart …

It has seriously been a journey watching this film and I hope I can find some way of making this world better.”

It's not just a visual experience but also a life transforming experience.

It’s a beautiful and heart-warming story set against the backdrop of bonded child labour, trafficking and lost childhood.


The film is a journey of hope, journey of optimism, journey of courage and journey of self-belief. There’s a JHALKI in you all!

Thank you Brahmanand Singh, Tanvi Jain, and team JHALKI for bring to life this beautiful inspiring tale with a powerful necessary message to share with the world. Thank you for bringing JHALKI from India to Boston, marking it your first milestone. It was BIFF great honour and privilege to be a part of it.
I want you to know that peers, around similar age as children in JHALKI, on this side of the world, have been taking actions, for over two decades now, in their quest to end forced child labour. These students are known as Operation Day’s Work (ODW) ... “youth helping youth to help themselves.”
Congratulations Brahmanand Singh, Tanvi Jain, and team #JHALKI. May JHALKI spark inspirations ... ignite the fire within and light the way for communities around the world.
Wishing all of you a magnificent journey ahead. May JHALKI reach the hearts of many, far and wide, that will lead to ACTIONS. I Pledge Against Child Labour #IamWithJhalki

A moving and exceptional film... such stories must be told and you do this with honesty and soulfulness.

Congratulations team Jhalki for your World premiere and screening at Boston International Film Festival! It was my utmost pleasure to be the Moderator for your film in one of the sessions. Hope I was able to help in my own little way. Beautiful film that brings awareness to such an important subject. Best wishes for continued success.

Jhalki is not just entertaining but is truly an inspirational tale. ​ ​A young & feisty Jhalki represents fearlessness & resilience.

​Bravo ... ​There is a Jhalki inside every person. ​ Together, we can end child labor.

Great work of art ... Sensitive and Touching.

The purity and innocence of the whole canvas is beautiful​.

​The film really hammered ​a home in my heart​. ​It was carried by beautiful performance by child actors​.​ That was really touching​ ... ​It’s creatively and imaginatively told!​

I think this movie will give you joy, will give you entertainment​ l​ike ​a ​nice, commercial film ... very tight, very impactfully made​.

This is one of the most amazing films I’ve seen​. ​ This film deserves to be seen internationally​. ​This movie ​can literally help change the world!​

What this film will do very strongly, is it to encourage people and let them recognise the fearlessness in them.​ ​I think to do anything substantial it’s important to strengthen yourself, believe in yourself and move ahead. That’s what the film inspires us to do…

It’s a very powerful, motivational & heart-wrenching story of a brother-sister duo which will have a great impact on the viewers. You don’t get to see films like these nowadays. ​

Jhalki is an inspiration to so many girls, who believe that the definition of female is only tender and gentle. Jhalki is such a bad ass! ​ ​

I really appreciate the creativity, the hard work and specially the music I really enjoyed the music. It’s an incredibly touching movie, I am just so surprised that such a massive problem in the world and especially in India and we are not aware about it and I definitively want to participate in this massive movement to see if we can move the needle even by a small amount
Music was absolutely mind-blowing, music was fantastic. Jhalki as a character was just amazing she is one of the bravest girl I have ever seen We all know about this issue but to actually see in happening in front of your eyes was amazing.

Loved the film completely and particularly JHALKI, kind of the spirit she has if that kind of spirit comes in all of us I think the country will definitely become child labor free. According to me this film is more motivational, because it motivates you to do something
Movie shows that as human beings how we treat our kids and other kids differently, so it’s time that we take this as turning point and get aware about it
Genuinely choked with emotion, I am at a loss for words for what a beautiful movie this has been. The subtlety in which they have portrayed such an important issue and dealt with certain very dark aspects that are associated with child labor they have been handled in a very respectful yet subtle manner. This film is entertaining and uplifting ... it motivates you to do something. That girl has such a fantastic spirit and tremendous energy that it rubs on to you.

It’s an incredibly touching movie. I am just so surprised that such a massive problem in the world and we are not aware of it and I definitively want to participate in this massive movement ... to see if we can move the needle even by a small amount.​ ​

Not able to come out of it, it’s so beautifully narrated. Towards the end it really gives you the feeling that one man who has done so much what we have not known, and there are so many children who are working as child laborers, it’s really a call. It gives you a social message, leaves you with a kind of a feeling that what you have to do, I am not getting ore words, but the feeling is awesome. It’s very well-made film the story is fantastic specially the way it’s been narrated it comes out that the fable which has been used, real locations and real situations. I am looking forward to being associated with it some way or the other like am planning for global distribution of this film.

I have worked with BBA very closely so I know the kind of work they do the movie has done 100% justice to all these people. Really great

This film has stand out, when I came out of theatre I was literally crying like most of the people, beautifully done.

Subject of child labor is very sensitive and to make a film out of it you have to be very careful about the narration and it should touch the sensitivity and I think Brahmanand has done brilliant work on it, in a way it’s a hat trick for him, it’s his third film and he is been raising his standard and bars to well so congratulations to him

This is one film that should reach out to as many people as possible.

Bohot achi lagi, chalti rahi aur peak pe pahunch ke khatm ho gayi, aur wo ansoo gale mein hain poore nikal nahi paye acha hai kuch ansoo ghar leke jana chahiye poore beh jate hain toh baat khatm ho jati hai baat khatm nahi honi chahiye kuch sawal chalte rehne chahiye kuch ansoo gale mein hone chahiye kunki ek babu gaya hai bohot babu baki hain

What I am really happy about the story Brahmanand has done this Kailash Satyarthi story, have read about him have read about the work he has done, whole impact of what he has done, how many children go through this thing it really has a deep impact and the other thing is he has managed to balance light and deep aspects of the film, it didn’t get even though it is such a deep subject it didn’t get boring, you didn’t get depressed it was light, well made and still it delivered such a beautiful message In such a deep manner that all of us need to be aware and think of something and do about them, I think it’s fantastic

I am very emotional person but surprisingly film didn’t make me cry, I am feeling so empowered by it , I think I took in all Jhalki’s power am feeling it in me. There is so much to do and there is so much work people are already doing I am really inspired in that sense I loved the characterization of everybody specially Jhalki she has so much power so much courage she just blew my mind, I want to be that fearless and am not, I realized that simple things as a character she mentions that you want to do something to show the courage, it was just mind-blowing, I am blown out by the visuals (cinematography) there are parts of childhood between brother and sister they have shown everything is so detailed. I am just blown out by the detailing. Its beautiful and am happy that such films are being made, just want this film to reach out to everybody and many more such films to happen.

It’s very well made the story is fantastic specially the way its been narrated it comes out that the feeble which is used, also the children the most important things we all live for, have done the story very well in real locations and real situations. Brahmanand I have known from very long he has some excellent things in his head I am sure it’s going to be as successful as his previous one, I am looking forward to being associated with it somehow like am planning for global distribution of this film.

This is extremely relevant subject something that many people have not thought about or rather thought of it as a film so for me this is one film that should reach out to as many people as possible. The children have done wonderful work, all the adult cast is very competent all known and credible people and of course Kailash Satyarthi the real hero of the film, I hope this goes to places lot and lot more people get to see this film specially the policy makers of India they need to see this film.

I knew about the story and of course it’s a huge thing to see it on the film now and I am overwhelmed. There are two things to it one is that I like Brahma’s details of the documentaries have come in this film it translates into the intricacies of human life and psychology which we miss and second that it’s a very heavy subject but he has punctuated through a folklore which he believes in and in the animation form so it lightens the mood but it empowers you in the end to show that a small kid like Jhalki can make us feel, she just follows one little story to find and to go through this whole maze of finding the child labor but the positivity that comes in, am glad that he has not used.
A lot of time I felt that film is going to end on this note but I am glad that he didn’t and he tied up with Kailash Satyarthi, it gives us that feeling that the battle is won but the war is still continue and we have lots to do. I am very happy and feel that yes we all can make a change, I glad that a film like Jhalki is come into full fruition all the best guys and yes we have seen Mirzapur in all different lights thank you for taking us there.
Somehow we all know kids like these in our neighborhood and we ignore it, it should tickle you to say that should I take some step and I can’t take the step then I should be shameful of it, so I think on the human psychology basis its not about I should do this right or wrong it should be more in terms of can I make a difference and how do I make a difference…

He has managed to balance light and deep aspects of the film, it didn’t get even though it is such a deep subject it didn’t get boring, you didn’t get depressed it was light, well made and still it delivered such a beautiful message… I think it’s fantastic

Extremely relevant subject… for me this is one film that should reach out to as many people as possible. The children have done wonderful work, all the adult cast is very competent all known and credible people and of course Kailash Satyarthi the real hero of the film… the policy makers of India they need to see this film.

I like Brahma’s details of the documentaries have come in this film it translates into the intricacies of human life and psychology which we miss and second that it’s a very heavy subject but he has punctuated through a folklore which he believes in and in the animation form so it lightens the mood but it empowers you in the end… A lot of time I felt that film is going to end on this note but I am glad that he didn’t… it gives us that feeling that the battle is won but the war is still continue and we have lots to do… Somehow we all know kids like these in our neighbourhood and we ignore it, it should tickle you…

Excellent feature film, the background score was fantastic it went on so beautifully

I really appreciate the creativity, the hard work and specially the music I really enjoyed the music. It’s an incredibly touching movie… Music was absolutely mind-blowing, music was fantastic. Jhalki as a character was just amazing she is one of the bravest girl I have ever seen

Very beautiful film. The best part is that it shows corruption, exploitation and the fight against the system in a non-dramatic and unconventional way… It reminds me of Guru Dutt cinema. I really enjoyed it. And I feel very inspiring, very touching… beautiful work.

Jisne ye Jhalki ka performance diya hai, role kiya hai uska performance bohot payara tha. Saath hi cinematography aur music lajawaab tha. Iske alawa, jis dhang se portray kiya gaya hai, purani… poem ko utha ke iss mahaul mein, iss cause mein present kiya gaya hai… is really good. And I really would like to congratulate Mr. Brahma ki aap aise hi lagataar achhi movies banaate rahein aur ek social cause ke saath apna directorial cheezein aage badhaate rahein.

I watched a very good film today… Jhalki, and basically, the way Brahmanand Singh sir has shown Mr. Satyarthi’s journey of so many years in one and a half hours… Very heart-touching… loved the music. And both the kids have done good work.

Proud to be part of a beautiful journey masoom bachpan ki ek jhalak jo zyadatar nazron se gumnaam hi rehti h....A perfect cinematic style n creativity with meaningful truth...congratulations dear tanvi with yr all team wrk…

"An impactful film with a powerful message."

"Intense emotional movie... I can see tears in the audience eyes."

Beautiful movie... beautiful message... honoured to have been at the premiere... congratulations!

Best Original Screenplay Award to Jhalki!! Great start Brahmanand Singh & Tanvi Jain!!

It was truly inspiring to hear the thoughts and experiences of the stellar cast!! A beautiful, important film that must be seen by all. Fabulous!!!! Am sure Jhalki will win over hearts and earn well deserved accolades.

Hearty Congratulations Brahmanand Singh… May this Lil' Sparrow fly far into Skies she can call her own to find great joy and success!! This is a movement that must get the World to sit up, notice and join it for humanity sake!! All Boston friends do befriend this Sparrow for sure and watch her!! “Way to go...the Sparrow flies higher... This is an issue well portrayed and needs the world to wake up and realise the depth and breadth of it to get it out of the system....well done Brahmanand. Let the World sit up and notice...Rise higher than the clouds!! #Journeysintohigherskies #Aworthycause

A #beautiful #film plz support n share, i'v seen the promo, I was bowled

Good work is always appreciated
Honest work is always accoladed
Congratulations Sir and to your entire team

Wow!! Such a proud moment. Best Original Screenplay Award for Jhalki at the Boston International Film Festival 2019. Kudos to the entire team #Jhalki

Super proud of dear Brahmanand Singh and his entire Jhalki team!
I’ve seen a little ‘jhalki’ of this film last year and have been eagerly waiting to see the film... soon I hope
Many congratulations, looking forward to more news on many more awards Mr Great Storyteller!!!

Every Frame of Jhalki Looks picturesque & Awesome...... Classic

Brahma Sir, This is a great moment. Congratulations to you and the entire team of Mobius Films. You have made all Indians proud!!

It's an honor to be a part of this great film, thanks Brahmanand Singh ji, I would also thank the artist who didn't turn up and I got to play the reel Doctor

Great #movie #jhalki Great #director Brahmanand Singh great #actor's & all team member
Thanks sir

I am glad that i have done a small role in this film . The journey starts this April from Boston ... Kudos to Mobius Films and Co. for the upcoming journey !!!

Hi Brahmanand,
I loved your film Jhalki ! I watched it with my team at BIFF a few weeks ago. The protagonist Jhalki was so feisty! Her attitude in the face of any problem or obstacle was so inspiring. The whole story was very moving - thank you.
I'm creating a website called Incluvie - movies scored on diversity. Jhalki would receive the highest rating for that 🙂 Would love to stay in touch! Cheers,

I think the answer is very obvious, you do a lot of... all kinds of films... for various reasons. Some you do because the acting part is great. Some you might do because the story is great. Some you might do because it just needs to entertain people. There is a purpose for every film. And some you may do, for a lot of money. But this particular film, when a film like this comes along, where someone is talking about something that we should be proud of as a film but not proud of it as a subject. And we are not proud of it as a subject, but we are proud of the people who are involved in the film - the filmmakers, the man himself Mr. Satyarthi. I mean we should be... He's our... He's one of the great national hero... treasure of our country. Sometimes when I speak to journalists that I'm playing a part... I'm playing Mr. Satyarthi... "Kailash who?" and that breaks my heart. That is, that is actually shameful. So you've got to do the film, not just for the cinema... because of the cinema. But also because I think it is very important… word should be spread around that something like this exists in our country, in this age and is protected and it is crusaders like Kailash Satyarthi out there who risking their lives and rescuing eighty five thousand kids in his lifetime. I think, a Nobel prize was needed… As I said, in Indian cinema, it has a variety of reasons. They go to the cinema be entertained, you go to the cinema to feel something and sometimes you go to the cinema because you spend a cause. This is one such thing and Brahmanand and Tanvi, am so very proud that they bring this story out and they have worked under very trying conditions… I’ll describe the dangers of shooting a film like this but, thank you Brahmanand, thank you Tanvi so much for... for the cause. If the cinema is great, GREAT... the cause is even greater than that…. Because it has got to do with awareness… This could've well been a documentary. It's a dramatized documentary, it's that authentic. We shot in the exact place where forty thousand children were rescued by Mr. Satyarthi and Brahmanand insisted on shooting at that dangerous location... Petrified... the very fact when the director comes and tells to you don't mention anyone what we're doing here, that's scary enough, right? But when I wore Mr. Satyarthi's bundy... like Brahmanand is wearing right now, I just felt a little stronger like the character. I felt powerful, I felt small as a person that you know... I should be doing more as a human being. Well I just did feel stronger. When I was in the character in that film, I felt fearless. And I think people should also feel the same way.

I thought it was amazing. It really touched my heart and this is a topic that needs to be out there and everybody needs to know about it and not just in India, but worldwide. And I hope, I wish you guys all the success... this is something very very important and I thank you so much for making this film... It was beautifully made, because I feel like this comes from the heart, this was made with passion… yeah.

If someone wants to rescue someone from child labour… they should watch this.

Watch this to see a sister’s love for her brother.

If you’ll watch this movie, you’ll gain courage, your self-confidence will increase and so will your love, for others.

This movie inspires us all to not accept failure and stop trying… those who try, they never fail.

The movie inspired me to work for the welfare of such kids. I’ll tell everyone in my village that I saw this film.

This movie gives love, it should be shown for this.

This film touched my heart, I’d want to watch its second part too. Jhalki is our inspiration.

I loved it so much, touched me deeply.

Childhood is meant for play and studies, if they are given jobs, then they are not able to develop. This movie shows that too.

Jhalki is for us children’s thoughts… I got to learn so much. We understood how to struggle, until we reach our goal. She’s that girl who, if wants to do something, she will. This movie says what we cannot openly say.

Jhalki movie is very interesting, hit my heart directly… It’s very interesting. It motivates on.

Jhalki movie is the best. This is made so realistically and it’s not artificial.

It’s so good that you’ll want to watch it again and again!

It’s fantastic, unique in itself… this story must’ve come up after much deliberation and the poignant scenario that it has shown, that in itself becomes a topic of concern in today’s society, if such rights of the children are being violated.The film has good message-giving film.

For child labour, for the right of children’s education, the responsibility that we all share… it’s a source of inspiration and it gives a message to all of us…

The child labour, that is happening here, is fully shown in this film. Light has been thrown upon how to take children out of child labour…

It was a wonderful feeling and the social message is very good. I think this kind of a film should be made. And as far as the music is concerned, outstanding music and we have enjoyed a lot with the film

On watching this, we remembered the story of the bird who lost her grain.

The songs were lovely, reminded me of childhood and it also reminded me of Satyajit Ray’s classical movie.

The girl in this movie, who played Jhalki, impressed me with her acting.

I had tears in my eyes for some four to five times on watching this, it’s that amazingly made

I cried after many days…

I got very inspired… how, by working in the slums, we can make their life better.

On watching that film I forgot my tiredness of the whole day. Such a good message would reach to children… we’ll show it to children, they can learn so much from it…

This film should be played in every school, and I’ll play it in my school too…

I’ll show this movie to all villagers, so that, with this message, they can send their kids to study.

I wish to make this film reach my kids, so that even they can draw inspiration from it.

There should be a glance of Jhalki in every child, so that no one gets to steal childhood from someone and we see childhood in every child.

It was brilliant... I mean it was a moving topic... and something that needs to be talked about and so we really enjoyed it and there were a lot of things I didn't know about as well, so it showed me something that's happening in this world... it’s occurring even today. It's a huge issue.
(MALE intercepts) - And you can see… her eyes are all wet. Mine are probably wet than hers. Thank you very much. I think I said it all, I wanted to just help channel money to the cause so I gave you my ideas and hopefully some of that can help an international version of the movie…

So I just finished watching the film... it was beautifully done... I think the way it was treated with, it is just very delicately treated in such a way that you can't ignore it. You want to do something afterwards, which is... probably the intent and I think and... I wanna really figure out how to get more people to see it and also what personally I can do. That is just is a sign of what a powerful film is.

I just saw the film at the New York International Film Festival I’m so glad to have the chance to see it and speak with the directors, um, it's beautifully done. It's a great story, wonderful topic... very well presented. Loved the music and how it's been shot and put together. Thank you so much directors.

Best movie I’ve seen so far in 2019. This is a movie that expose to child labour... in all the country in the world, they should aware this situation and let's free kids no? And what you people are doing is really great... greatest movie I have seen and it works, good, go on...

“It is not every day that you find a Hindi film that is backed by a Nobel laureate.”

“Trust National Award-winning filmmaker Brahmanand S Siingh to leave no stone unturned when backing a project that has the potential to impact lives.”

“Jhalki keeps spectators spellbound like in a bedtime folk story and towards the end of the story fully revolutionises them to participate in the movement that can impact 150 million children worldwide. Siingh’s insightful, exploring and reflective dimensions in the subjects that excite him, delivers its core essence in a captivating manner.”

“Who is Jhalki? And what makes her such a powerful force? This seems to be the buzz question on the minds of everyone who gets to know even a little bit about her. “

“In ‘Jhalki’, a thumbs up for Kailash Satyarthi’s efforts to stamp out child labour.”

“A cinematic tribute to Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi.”

“फिल्मकारब्रह्मानंदसिंह ‘सिनेमाफॉरचेंज’ कीबातकरतेहैं. सहीभीहै, “सिनेमासामाजिकबदलावकाएकसशक्तमाध्यमबनकरउभरे, इससेबेहतरऔरबातक्याहोसकतीहै."


“Boman Irani has played innumerable roles but one has rarely seen him as excited as he is for the film Jhalki directed by Brahmanand Singh. Irani is playing the role based on Noble Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi, the man who has made Bachpan Bachao Andolan his mission very early in his life.”

“Kailash Satyarthi, the founder of Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation, recently saw the film Jhalki at a special screening. Satyarthi took to Twitter to praise the film and its team.”

“He (Kailash Satyarthi) was immensely impressed by the factual representation of child labour and bonded labour present in the remote parts of India and since he himself is a firm believer of the fact that, cinema is a very powerful tool to educate people he continued to acknowledge the effort of the makers of the film and also shared his notable remarks about the film on Twitter.”

“The upcoming social drama ‘Jhalki’… is a tribute to his efforts against child labour and child trafficking and is directed by, Brahmanand S Siingh.”

“There is a glimpse of him in the trailer, but in the same time this character seems to leave his impact. Let every child be free to be a child said Nobel Peace Laureate. Kailash Satyarthi keeping this wise thought in mind, and making it the subject director Brahmanand S Siingh made a film, which brings to you a heart-warming tale of hope and courage titled Jhalki. The film deals with the sensitive issue of child trafficking and child labour.

Jhalki is a very engaging and absorbing movie on the theme of child labour and child slavery. It's a wonderful tribute to the extraordinary work that has been done by Noble Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi. Performance by child actors were very impactful. I would strongly request everyone to watch this movie

What a beautiful film! Most importantly, the subject of the film is so huge and the way they have so delicately portrayed the issue of child trafficking is the best thing. And I feel everyone should watch this film, whoever it is … because it’s very rare that you get to watch such mindful content.

A new hope has filled my heart after watching Jhalki, that there is so much more we can do for our children. Just like the tireless sparrow in the film, who tries and tries again and again to get what she wants, similarly, if we all together can save our nation, our children. We should wholeheartedly support Jhalki.

Jhalki was a beautiful experience, it is a heartwarming film. Very touching, the music made an impact and I think the little kids did a wonderful job. I would recommend everyone to see Jhalki, go with your family and see the film. Lovely! “Really enjoyed the film. Jhalki is a lovely moving film. Music by Sandesh Sandaliya is brilliant. The actors portrayed their characters well. The child actors were fantastic. Loved the film and have recommend all I know to go and see this lovely film in the theatres. Great work Brahma, Tanvi and the mobius team.”

“What I loved about the film is it’s so human and it's so simple and it's so quiet. Words are only used where they are needed and the rest is left to the audience for their own interpretation and understanding. The girl is so fearless because she doesn’t have anything more to lose. I feel if Jhalki can be found within each of us, how much courageous we can be. I loved the shadow play that you used, I loved the lyrics and I love the way it keeps coming back as a motive. I didn’t realize when tears started rolling down my eyes.”

What is your Purpose? Isn’t it the most cliched question, asked in every talk & seminar, asked by ourselves at every stage in life, yet feel unsure about? It was beautifully addressed in the movie ‘JHALKI’! It goes on to prove that it’s not how profound your ‘purpose statement’ is, but your conviction, commitment & courage to accomplish your purpose despite the hardships, that makes it meaningful & impactful! The man, with his purpose in the tight grip of his fist! Way to go Brahmanand Singh ! More power to you! Thanks for propelling this movement, we are with you!

Jhalki has the fearlessness of the truly innocent, plus the resourcefulness of an intelligent mind— it’s a pity that girls as bright and brave as her, languish in villages for lack of education and opportunity. Jhalki is empowered, and would be an inspiration to any young girl.
The protagonist is a female. It is very easy to have a male protagonist who is saving and become a hero, here it's a female protagonist which I think is very important for the society now, to have female role models.
Even Hollywood is now realizing that, earlier it used to be so many superhero films, now they are making super-heroine films and Jhalki in her own way is a super hero without a cape. That's something which appealed to me the most.
That happy feeling when a friend fulfils a dream. Congrats Brahmanand and Tanvi for Jhalki. Hopefully the start of a journey towards greater achievement and success.

“A superb film, Brahmanand! I thoroughly appreciated the poignant message, the sensitive and heart-warming story, the sharp direction, the wonderful acting especially by ‘Jhalki’, and the beautiful cinematography. All in all a fab package. Congratulations!!”

“With its heart in the right place, Jhalki is a moving tale which sheds light on human trafficking and child abuse. Bravo Brahmanand Singh for choosing a tough subject and pulling it off beautifully!”

“In India, we are all aware of the Child Labour scene, we know these children … in our neighbourhood tea stalls, garages or our own homes. Seeing it all around us has made us insensitive about it. Films like Jhalki snaps us awake to the ugly truth that exists all around us. I suppose that’s what art and cinema are meant to do … to soften our hardened souls and redesign ourselves and our sensitivities. Similarly, seeing child labour all around us, our hearts have become like hardened soil and this film caringly pours some water on it and forces us to rethink and do something about the problem.”

“Jhalki is an awesome movie total power-packed performance and each and everyone makes a difference no matter how small or big. I am with Jhalki.”

“We at Udaan are very very proud to be associated with the Jhalki movement. We just saw the movie and it is beautiful. We salute the spirit of Jhalki. At Udaan, all we have to say is, if you love children and you think that every child deserves a happy childhood, do support the Jhalki movement, watch the movie support the cause and make it bigger. I am with Jhalki.”

“We are proud to be associated with Jhalki which was a brilliant heart moving movie about a topic that CRY has essentially worked for the past 40 years. Essentially, Jhalki touches the very tip of an iceberg that we have been trying to break bit by bit, chip by chip for 40 years now. So, as an organization, as a person, Child Rights and You completely supports Jhalki, and we wish it all the success and we hope it reaches the masses and it encourages them, lights that fire that is required to take action towards ending child labour in India.”

“I’ve watched every piece of work that Brahmanand has done and each one gets better and better and there is nothing like Jhalki. It’s absolutely brilliant. I can't fault him in a framing, in the coloring, in the scripting, in the writing of the words, in the singing, the choice of the actors, every single one of them and the locations. I wanted it to be seen by a lot more people, I’m sure there are lots of people who commiserate with a cause like this and who would like to help. How do we reach out to everybody? I wish it could be shown to many more children perhaps to every school and make it compulsory for every school kid to see it. Perhaps to every organization, women's organization all the Rotary Clubs, all the Lions Club. There are a lot more to it. It touches every heart and the ocean is there for everybody to dip into.”

“I think here, they've made a film which is so gut-ranching, it's about a topic which is so gut ranching of child labour of human trafficking which happens all around us unfortunately and we can't do much about it. So, I think it's a great effort that a movie like this has been made and I was almost in tears while watching the movie. It was really emotional film actually but to see a positive end, to see all the kids getting rescued I think it brings a smile to people's faces at the end of it. I would really urge everyone to watch this film, it will open your eyes and open your heart it will bring a lot of awareness to you and I think that's the need of the hour.”

“I think the film was really beautiful it was so realistic, it really touched that string in the heart. I am personally so close to my younger brother and I could just relate to those emotions, the rebelliousness, the attitude, everything was beautiful and I had tears in my eyes.”

“Jhalki, I am extremely touched by this film. It has ripped my heart, we all know these things are happening and we don't do anything about it. I really hope this film reaches millions and millions of people and the impact that it will have on the child labour industry will be huge. It has seriously been a journey watching this film and I hope I can find some way of making this world better.”

“It has been a wonderful experience, Jhalki has lots of elements packed together with a profound message. It's not only the childhood that’s taken away, it's their smile, their happiness, their fun moments in their life's journey. It's a very overwhelming experience watching this movie, because a lot has been put across in the best crisp way ever. I truly believe, this is like an eye opener, like it's coming straight on face, like look at the reality and do something about it. Supporting a cause like this also begins at your home, so look into your house, look into your network and your community and take a step against it.”

“Today I'm soaked in so many emotions that I can't even express how I feel about this movie. I feel that the simplest messages are the strongest. The moment I entered the hall, my eyes were filled with tears, my father is no more but when I was a child he used to sing this song to me, Khajan Chidiya and so it evoked so many memories and the way the whole film goes on the path of the bird's flight. And I really think if anyone who enters the hall, sees the movie and remains unmoved, is actually made of stone. In these times when there is so much of cruelty around and so much of negative stuff happening around, I think if we focus on the pure, the small and the good, the world can again become so beautiful again. I urge all of you to please watch this movie in the theatres and I promise you, it's not only going to be a visual experience but also, it's going to be a life transforming experience.”

“We belong to a high society, we have proper education, our children are privileged but there are many people who are under poverty line and their children are not getting education or proper basic rights. We can do something for them and Jhalki will remind us of our duties and responsibilities towards our society. Everyone should watch this film to be a little more aware of the actual situation of the society. You might not be able to work like Mr Kailash Satyarthi, but you can do something even if it's at your home. I urge everyone to watch this film, and do your tiny bit.”

“I think the purpose of a film like this is to create awareness about an issue and I think once people see this film, they will realize the kind of exploitation children face. I will stop buying handmade carpets altogether and anything else that uses child labour and I would want to stop buying those products. Takeaway is awareness, to be conscious of what we are doing and what's happening around and we have to do whatever is possible to stop this. And it's great to see our kid Aarti on screen as Jhalki. Please come and watch the movie it's worth it.”

“I think it's a great message in courage because whatever I was watching, I was just in awe of this little girl who had such guts to actually go out and get what she wanted to get. And I really think that everybody has to get out there and watch Jhalki. There is no reason that you should be missing a film like this, it is short and it is extremely extremely hard hitting so you really have to catch this film.”

“Brahmanand is just this amazing director who always makes these movies which are so beyond the ordinary … which really touches the human heart and just makes you feel that it’s worth living and this movie has left me so emotional. So everybody has to see this movie to really understand what this country needs and what we need to do, and it’s for movie makers like Brahmanand Siingh, who has the guts to make a movie like this, so hats off to this movie and nobody should miss guys if you really feel that you have it in you to do something for your country, for the world, go out there #IamWithJhalki and I want all of you guys to go there and do something which would make an impact. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant movie.”

WHAT A WONDERFUL WONDERFUL FILM 'JHALKI' IS!!! It is also a VERY VERY IMPORTANT FILM!! A Must Watch. A Must Watch because it's Brilliant. A Must Watch because it talks about the future of our Children. A Must Watch because the Team was Brave enough to stand it's ground and eventually succeed in making this extraordinary film!

“Watched Jhalki this morning... a beautiful well-crafted film... and an awesome social cause message... congratulations. Brahmanand Singh for treating this film so well... and the rock star of this film "Jhalki and her kid brother... superb casting... kudos to your team and Tanvi Jain. This film is a must watch and to support the cause !!”

It's not just a film, it's a deed, great deed, kudos to Brahmanand Siingh sir.

Great film, so glad that "Jhalki" showcased at the prestigious UNICEF event! Social awareness is much needed and hope to see more of the same! Also, a special out for Aarti Jha!!

Sir, as I understand, it’s a film on child trafficking, a big issue which is being ignored. Very good initiative.

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